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What are the Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer?

Waist Trainers

FItness & Motivation


One of the major benefits I have seen over the time I have been on my sh8pewear journey is that waist trainers can instantly boost a women’s self-esteem – putting a waist cincher on for the first time can instantly make the wearer see themselves in a different light - no more flabby belly on show, posture is improved so they stand tall; this combination will instantly help anyone look and feel more confident. Women all over the world have embraced waist trainers and felt empowered by them!

Not only do they give you an instant boost I have seen them provide the motivation and determination to completely change a person lifestyle, as a waist trainer provides you with an idea of what you could look like with a bit of exercise and change to your diet.

For all you sloucher’s a waist trainer will give you the support needed to keep your back up straight making you stand taller, this will give you relief and reduce back pain. For full back support try our latex vest trainers available for both men and women.

Add Impact To Your Workout
Wearing a waist trainer during your workout will increase your body temperature causing you to sweat more, this helps you to target any excess fluid that you are storing around your belly (see our Thermogenesis blog post for more details on how this works).

Great Boobs  
Not only does a waist trainer slim down your silhouette into an hourglass shape, it will give your boobs a lift at the same time giving them a much fuller pert look that will complement every outfit.


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