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Waist Trainers & Weight Loss, To Use Or Not To Use????

Waist Trainers Weight loss


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Waist trainers, waist cinchers and waist trimmers make a great addition to any weight loss journey for both women and men - when they are used correctly. Never use more than one waist trainer at one time as this can course health problems in the long run and always go by the size guidelines never be tempted to go down an extra size.

When used correctly a waist trainer can help you to shed that stubborn flabby belly. The latex material will increase your sweat levels helping you get rid of any excess water that you store around your waist line this is also great for detoxing your body.


When worn the cincher will act as a reminder that you really shouldn’t eat that doughnut that you keep eyeing up – you will be a lot more conscious about what you are putting into your body.

It’s a good idea to take note of what you are eating so you don’t conveniently forget that naughty little snack that you had earlier.

When waist training you naturally begin to change your mindset; you will begin to make healthy decisions that will improve your waist line no end.

If you like to over indulge (it’s OK we all do it) wearing a waist trainer while eating can remind you that you really don’t need to eat quite as much. This is because your stomach will not be able to fully expand while you have the trainer on due to its high compression. Eventually you will get used to having the smaller portions and won’t need the waist trainer.

Remember that it takes time and dedications to lose weight and it keep off but if you really want it you can reach your goals. When trying to shed the pounds it’s always good to do it slowly, this way you’re more likely to maintain your new weight.

Work Out

Not only do waist trainers encourage you to think about what you are eating, you will soon start to think about how you can burn off some of that stored up fat.

Working out doesn’t have to be intense you just have to start burning off some of your calorie intake – start gradually with some light exercise maybe a two mile walk that you gradually build up to three or four miles, add some speed do power walk or a go swimming (make it fun, take a friend with you, start an exercise class) – when you enjoy doing something it won’t seem such hard work to keep motivated.

Wearing a waist cincher will give your stomach muscles a resistance to work against which will help you to achieve a tight core. We also recommend that you do some core exercise without your cincher on especially if you feel that your breathing is being restricted – Never do any exercise with your waist trainer that you feel you cannot comfortably take a deep breath and use one that is designed with exercise in mind.

Sweat Levels

Wearing a waist trainer will increase your sweats levels – this is great for anyone that suffers from water retention – especially around the belly. The latex material will increase your thermo activity which will increase the amount you sweat.

Sweating is a great way to release any toxins that are lurking about in the body. Brilliant for detox diets and will give your skin a fresher clear appearance.

Remember to drink plenty of water to replace any fluids lost, this is also a good way to loss some extra pounds as it will flush out your system.

To Use or Not To Use????

There has been a lot of negativity around waist trainers and how they can damage your health but when used correctly they can be a great addition to your weight loss journey.

For those of you that wear a waist trainer in moderation, follow the guidelines and use them as a positive to motivate and encourage you to change your lifestyle for the better, then surely that’s a good thing?


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