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Sh8pewear - Mens Latex Waist Trainer Workout Band

Waist Trainers Workout

Mens Sh8pewear Waist Trainer Workout Band

This latex waist band for men is a great addition to any wardrobe designed to give you an instantly slimmer appearance – great for when you have a special occasion pop up and you don’t have time to shed that spare tyre around your midriff. Not only will this waist band have you looking your best it will be an instant boost to your self-esteem, when worn this waist band will improve your posture – standing tall will make you look and feel more confident.

Made from latex material this waist band is designed to give you the highest level of compression allowing you to look slim while still having a masculine silhouette, it features nine steel flexi bones (all cushioned for comfort) that keep the band from rolling down while also helping to hold you in. It features three rows of hook and eye closure that allows it to down size with you if you are on a weight loss journey or you can use them to adjust the levels of compression. 

Benefits of Wearing a Men’s Latex Waist Band

  1. Speeds Up Weight Loss
  • This waist trainer is made from a latex material which will increase perspiration levels, this is great for anyone that suffers from water retention around the waist.
  • When worn while eating the compression around your stomach will make you fill fuller sooner resulting in you consuming less calories.
  • ALWAYS make sure that you replace fluids by drinking plenty of water so you don’t dehydrate.
  1. Provides Back Support
  • Designed with three rows of hook and eye closure this waist band is great for giving you adjustable levels of back support. For anyone that stands all day at work or finds they slouch while sitting at the desk, wearing the waist band during the day can improve your posture by providing support for your lower back; having this support can be a big relief and help to reduce back pain.
  1. After A Stomach Operation
  • If you have recently had surgery wearing a waist band can help with taking any strain off your core muscles while they are healing. ALWAYS consult your doctor beforehand and MAKE SURE you get one that is the correct size for your needs, getting one that is too tight could do you more harm when you have a wound that’s still healing.
  1. Gym – Workout Band
  • The compression that this waist band offers makes it a great addition to your workout regime support your back while lifting weights.
  • Working out with this waist band will give your abdominal muscles resistance to working against – adding a little impact to your workout.
  • When wearing during exercise always make sure that your breathing is not restricted and that you still fill comfortable – if you experience any pain we recommend that you take a break from wearing it.

Wearing a latex waist band has many benefits from cosmetic to health reason and they are more popular than many of you will think, men just don’t openly let you know like a women would, so whether you need a little help with your weight loss journey or just need some help now and then to flatten your stomach creating a streamline appearance for a special occasion give the Sh8pewear Latex Waist Trainer for men a go, we think you will be surprised with the results you see.

If you are not happy with your purchase you can return it for a refund within 14 days of purchasing.

Sh8pewear Men’s Latex Waist Trainer - Workout Band are available in sizes Small - 6XL

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