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Sh8pewear High Waist Stomach Control Butt Lifter - What You Need To Know

Butt Lifters

Sh8pewear High Waist Stomach Control Butt Lifter


Butt Lifters have been used by celebrities to enhance their bums and now you can do the same, but how do they work and who are they for?

Let’s start with how they work – Butt lifters are a specially designed form of shapewear that will instantly lift and shape your bum. Great for when you just need a little lift to get the outfit you want to wear to sit on your body perfectly.

Sh8pewear High Waist Stomach Control Butt Lifters are designed with two holes in the back – this is where the magic happens, when worn your bum cheeks pop out through the holes making your bum look nice and peachy; this creates a noticeably enhanced bum under any outfit whether it be your jeans or your little black dress. The high waisted design will hold in your stomach with it high compression material – perfect for bloated days.

Butt lifters are a great way to define your natural curves without any need for harmful surgery, while also showing you what you could have if you did a few squats each day!

Who Are Butt Lifters Made For?

You might think that butt lifters are just for the fuller figure but that’s not the case at all; those of you who have a small bum or saggy buttocks give them a go you will be surprised at what they do, give yourself an instant peachy bum.

New Mums or if you have lost weight a little quickly you may feel a little saggy in places these Sh8pewear High Waist Stomach Control Butt Lifters will provide you with high compression needed to get you feeling confident again.

Available in Sizes Small – XL and only £20 they are an affordable must have for everyone’s knicker draw click here to order yours today   

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