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Sh8pewear 30 Day Waist Training Programme

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Sh8pewear 30 Day Waist Training Programme

Try this exercise routine below to go with your 30 day waist training programme, it may not be for everyone but it will get you results in a short space of time kick start your 2017.

Being new to fitness doesn’t have to mean that high intensity interval training (AKA HIIT) isn’t for you.

Short bursts of high intensity workouts are a great way to burn off alot of calories in a short amount of time and can be more effective than a regular cardio workout for burning off stubborn belly fat.

How Does HIIT Work?

High Intensity Interval training is about pushing yourself and getting the heart rate going with short bursts of exercise with no rest then you rest and start again – complete as many reps as you can of each exercise (pushing yourself out of your comfort zones, the harder you push the more calories you will burn). When all the exercises in the routine have been completed you have a rest period of up to two minutes.

Step up the intensity as you go by adding weights or moving at a faster pace gradually building up the time till you reach a 30 minute workout.

Rest Period

During this time it is important that you keep moving but you need to regain your breath so you can go again when the times up – use this time to pace the room or if your fitness level is higher you could run on the spot. When the times up its time to repeat the routine again repeat this pattern as many times as you can manage.

Warm Ups

Warm up your muscles with a low impact 5 minute workout. Warming up properly before you workout can significantly lower the risk of injuries and allow you to perform to the best of your ability

Below are some ideas on how to warm up your body and stretch your muscles

  • Marching on the spot while rotating your arms
  • Torso Swings
  • Touching Toes
  • Hip Rotations
  • Font Kicks
  • Cross Toe Touches
  • Boxer Shuffle
  • High Knee Pulls

A Simple Routine to Get You Started

  1. Butt Kicks

Butt Kicks are great for working your bum muscles.

  • Jog on the spot
  • Keep your torso straight
  • Lift your legs high enough to make contact with your buttocks

Time: 3 Mins (building up the time as you go)

  1. Standing Bicycle Crunches

Standing bicycle crunches targets core abdominal muscles.

  • Stand tall with your back straight
  • Your feet hip width apart
  • Raise your hands and place them behind your head
  • Bring your left knee up while bending to make contact with your right elbow
  • Straighten back up into a standing position
  • Repeat with the opposite knee and elbow

Time: 3 Mins (building up the time as you go)

  1. Squat Jumps

Squat Jumpers are great for building up muscles and joints in the lower body.

  • Place your feet apart – in line with your hips
  • Turn your toes out slightly and stand steady
  • Lower yourself into a squatting position
  • When you have reached the lowest point jump up as high as you can reaching up with your arms
  • When you have landed regain your balance and repeat the steps above

Time: 3 Mins (building up the time as you go)

  1. Squat Knee Lifts with a Twist

Targets multiply muscles including the glutes, thighs and abdomen. Builds up balance skills.

  • Stand tall and place your feet hip width apart
  • Lower yourself into a squat position with your arms stretched out in front of you
  • Stand back up and balance on your right leg
  • Bring your left knee up to hip level
  • With your arms extended by your side twist your upper body to the left
  • Lower your leg back to the floor
  • Now repeat back into the squatting position but this time you will raise your opposite leg balance on your left leg, raising your right knee and twisting to the right

Time: 3 Mins (building up the time as you go)

  1. Alternating Lunges

Lunges are great for building up your hamstrings and quadriceps but also require you to engage your core muscles helping you strengthen your lower back and stomach muscles.

  • Stand tall with your feet facing forward hip width apart
  • Your arms can be in any position that help you keep your balance
  • Keep your back straight and look straight ahead
  • With your right leg take a BIG step forward landing heel first
  • Lower your body until your right leg is in line with the floor – keep your back straight
  • Now push yourself back up into a standing position with your right foot
  • Repeat the above steps but this time step forward with your left foot

Time: 3 Mins (building up the time as you go)

HIITS workouts do not need to be intimidating they can be a fun fast way of building your muscles, burning calories, boosting your metabolic rate and improving your overall health. You just need to understand how high intensity interval training works and you can really transform your body.


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