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New Year, New You - Lets Make 2017 Successful

Top Tips Weight loss

Happy New Year 2017

The time is upon us again – time to make those New Year resolutions that everyone tends to break by the 5th January due to setting goals that are just too demanding to stick to - so why not try and make realistic ones that you will be able to stick with.

This is easier than some of you may think - New Year is the perfect time to change your mindset making it easier for you to stick with an achievable goal – this could be weight loss, thinking more positively about yourself or maybe you just need to do more exercise – the list is endless. This post will give you some ideas on how to improve your overall health while losing some of that podgy belly.

The best way to begin is to start small – yes it’s that simple! start with a small change that you know is realistic – then when you have conquered that goal make plans to add another (remember realistic & achievable), you don’t need to go in all guns blazing and create something that you will dread, make a plan to add a new goal every two months that way in a year’s time you will have six area that you have improved.

Don’t go hungry – crash dieting will not get you lasting results, as soon as the hunger and cravings set in you will fall off the wagon and find yourself returning to your old bad habits. Here are some tips and ideas to keep you on track so you stick to your 2017 weight loss goals.

  1. Learn to cook differently there are plenty of interesting recipes and foods to explore and try – experiment with your menu each week, aim to cook a new healthy dish once a week.
  1. Drinking plenty of water has lots of benefits – it rehydrates the skin and can help with bloating. Aim to drink one more glass than you did yesterday until you are drinking the recommended amount – women 2 litres and men 2.5 litres.
  1. Swap coffee mornings for walks round the park or a quick swim – get moving for at least 30 minutes a day.
  1. Increase the size of your veggie portions – it’s recommended that we have 5 different fruit and vegetable each day to stay healthy, many of us do not even eat half this amount.
  1. Eat more Omega 3 -This can be great if you suffer from high blood pressure, we should all be aiming to eat at least two servings of fish each week. Omega 3 rich fish includes: Mackerel, Trout and Sardines. For all of you that don’t like fish you can get these fats from different sources such as spinach, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed oils.
  1. Swap your mid-morning sweet snack for some fresh fruit or veggie sticks and hummus.
  1. Make your own lunches instead of buying – you could end up saving some pounds while losing them.
  1. Think about the events you’re going to – try and stay away from as much temptation as possible.
  2. Try keeping a food diary keeping a visual of what you are really eating can be an eye opener to the calories and fat you are consuming.
  3. Before you start with your journey take measurements along with a few selfies from different angles so you can see how far you have come. This is a good way to keep up your motivation.

Teaming up with a friend is a good way to keep you going, give each other the motivation to succeed and you will see that you can achieve if you really want to. Adding a waist trainer to your weight loss regime will help to remind you that you are working towards a healthier you while assisting with the speed that you will loss the excess pounds.

Waist training should not be solely used to aid weight loss, implementing a new lifestyle that includes healthy eating with at least some light exercise alongside waist training will give the best possible results.

Sh8pewear recommends that you gradually wear your waist trainer for up to eight hours a day, when worn while eating it will help to remind you that you really don’t need to over eat as your stomach will not expand as much as it would without the waist trainer, making you feel fuller sooner.

Sh8pewear has a variety of waist trainers to suit everyone’s needs ranging from the classic that can be used to workout in to the extreme range that can be used as occasionally or everyday while at work.

Good Luck with your 2017 New Years Resolutions lets make it a successful year, don't forget to keep Sh8pewear posted with your journey we would love to hear them or maybe you have some ideas of your own you would like to share get involved and post below  :)

Have a great 2017 from Mel @ Sh8pewear


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