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Foods To Avoid - Weight Loss

Slimming Top Tips Weight loss

Changing your diet and trying to lose weight can be difficult especially when you take drastic actions!

Giving up everything you love to eat can trigger uncontrollable urges and you end up binging – this in turn leads to gaining weight and all your effort eventually goes to waste! you go back all your bad habits until you eventually start the cycle again. Instead of completely cutting these foods out of your diet cut back on them, remember a little of what you fancy won’t do you any harm! Retrain your brain “Everything in moderation is acceptable!” Forget the word “DIET” eat healthy educate yourself on healthy foods and the ones that increase your weight quickly.

So what are some of these foods that can make you gain weight rather quickly?

  1. Smoothies


Yes that’s right I said it, smoothies! A lot of us use smoothies to increase our vitamin and nutrient intake but the fruit and veg that they contain can knock up some serious calorie and sugar content. Try using them as a meal replacement instead of with three meals a day.

  1. Whole Fat Cheese

Whole Fat Cheese

Cheese is surprising high in saturated fats and we can get through a lot without evening noticing, try sticking to a small match box size piece or smaller per WEEK.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Artifical Sweeteners

Say goodbye to diet and sugar free drinks – experts say that artificial sweeteners can course weight gain.

A study from the University of Texas Health Science Centre found that people who drank 21 diet drinks a week were twice as likely to be overweight. Another study that followed diet drinkers over a ten-year period found their waists grew a staggering 70 per cent more than those who don’t drink diet soda.

But Why?

Diet drinks feed a sweet tooth as artificial sweeteners can be 13,000 times sweeter than sugar, when the body receives a sweet taste without the calories it expects, it triggers sweet cravings that make you eat more! Sweeteners have also been shown to have a similar effect to real sugar on blood glucose and insulin levels. These blood sugar fluctuations drive cravings for sweet substances when blood sugar is low.

  1. Alcohol


As nice as it is to have a drink with friends, keep an eye on your weekly intake – you can clock up some serious empty calories on a night out.

  1. Salad Dressings

Salad Dressings

This is one that tends to get over looked when on a diet, shop bought dressings tend to have a high fat and salt content. Try swapping shop bought salad dressings for lemon juice this is also known to be a fat burning food. Or make your own so you can control the amount of fat that’s in them.

Cutting all fats out of your diet can lead you to binge eating, make sure you eat plenty of good fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids (there is some evidence that these help the body burn fat) found in oily fish, coconut oil, walnuts and flax seeds – try them crushed on your morning porridge.

  1. Chocolate


Chocolate lovers fear not you don’t have to give it up completely, control what you eat and you can still lose weight. If you have a sweet tooth go for the options that have lower fat and sugar content such as dark and white chocolate or a milky way, try and stay away from chocolate caramel and peanut combos!

  1. Pastries


If your trying to lose weight try and stay away from pastries (pies, sausage rolls, Bakewell tarts etc..) – just watch a you tube video on how they are made – if your anything like me just seeing the fat that I could be consuming is enough to put me off. If you are a pie lover try making a pie at home instead of having a puff or shortcrust pastry try using filo pastry just on top – this cuts out lots of the fat but tastes just as good.

  1. Processed Food

Processed Food

You never truly know what is in convenience foods, try swapping microwave meals for fresh meals then you get to control what you are eating.

Give the eight suggestions above ago and I bet you will find that some pounds start to fall off – remember don’t deprive yourself, everything in moderation is OK!

Let us know how you get on in the comments sections below we would love to hear about your experiences good and bad :)

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