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Feel Confident & Boost Your Self-esteem

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Feeling Sexy?

Feeling confident and sexy is not always about model perfect curves – these imagines are unrealistic and hard to maintain, yes we all have that one friend that can eat what they want and never seem to put on an inch but in the real world its the curvier women that get the attention. It’s all about your state of mind, if you feel confident within yourself and your body you'll ooze that confidence which is a definite turn on.

Feeling confident within your own skin is sometimes easier said than done but there are things that you can do to help with your confidence.

Focus on the Good

1. Focus on what you like about your body try and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. Look at yourself in the mirror - take a good long look at yourself, take in the details of your body, good and bad. What thoughts come to mind? Now think about what triggered these thoughts try and turn any negative thoughts into positive ones.


2. Make an effort to feel good about yourself, feeling confident isn’t just about the clothes you wear but your overall appearance. Start with your underwear - wearing sexy lingerie everyday can be a real confidence booster even if on one else is going to be seeing it. Spend a little extra you may find that you get a better fit for your body shape.

Accentuate Your Curves

3. Wear what flatters your body shape. For those of you that want to accentuate your curves while keeping control of your love handles try a form of shapewear. Celebrities such as the Kardashians wear waist trainer and shapewear to get the hourglass figure everyone is talking about. This allows you to hide and compress any jiggerly bits. There are many types of shapewear to suit everyone’s needs, most are easily hidden under clothing so that no one knows that you are sculpting your body.


4. Smile more – smiling creates a positive effect on your mood, decreases stress levels and will be the perfect finish to your outfit. Smiling can be extremely attractive it’s a facial expression that creates an invitation for others to talk and interact with you. This will have a positive impact on your life.

embrace yourself

5. Embrace yourself – you are what you are, yes we can get down the gym and try to sculpt our bodies as best as we can, but at the end of the day you should never beat yourself up with negative thoughts, you should try and be happy with who you are no one is perfect.

Researchers studied British females and discovered a staggering 91% wished they had more self-belief and 42% admitted they lacked confidence in their lives and relationships. However, according to the survey, 82% say they have friends who are more confident than them and a further 62% admit they feel secretly envious of more self-assured pals.

So you are not alone everyone lacks in confidence at some point in their lives but you can overcome this by changing your mindset - train yourself to see the good in you. Give some of these ideas below a go and get out of your comfort zones :)

Signs of a confident women

1. Not easily embarrassed

2. Happy to walk into a social event alone

3. Happy to stand up to do a presentation

4. Not camera shy

5. Comfortable in their birthday suit - Keep the lights on so your partner can see you

6. Eating alone is not an issue




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