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Butt Lifters & Butt Bras Explained - Whats Your Style Choice?

Butt Lifters Slimming

Butt Lifters & Butt Bras Explained


Butt lifters are designed to instantly raise and give your booty a fuller look naturally without the need for painful and possibly harmful surgery. But why would any one where these? as we age we lose the elasticity in our skin and begin to lose muscle tone; unless we regularly workout our butt muscles (glutes).

If you’re someone that’s not too keen on working out or you want to see what the end result of all your hard work is going to look like then a butt lifter may just be the garment for you.

Sh8pewear has various styles of butt lifters available the two styles are explained below:

High Waist Stomach Control Adjustable Butt Lifters

Add dimension and define your booty with Sh8pewears high waist stomach control adjustable butt lifter. This butt lifter gives you three levels of adjustment so you can tailor your booty level as you wish depending on your mood and outfit.

Levels of adjustment:

Level 1 – A natural lift

Sh8pewear High Waist Stomach Control Thong Butt Lifter

Level 2 – Fuller round bum

Level 3 – This give the maximum lift possible

Designed with a high compression waist band to give you added stomach control resulting in a silhouette you will love.

Results you will see

  • Enhanced booty
  • Flatter waist line
  • Hidden love handles

High Waist Stomach Control Butt Lifters

These butt lifters or butt bras as they are sometimes called may seem weird at first with their strategically cut out holes but they really give your booty a good boost.

The garment is designed to gather, lift, support and enhance you booty without any need for padding. The holes in the rear of the garment allow your bum cheeks to pop out leaving them uncovered – no pressure is placed on the buttock so you will not lose any volume allowing you bum to look fuller, the stretch fabric supports the lower buttock.

Designed with a high waist band to assist with body contouring and slimming.

Results you will see

  • Popping bootySh8pewear High Waist Butt Lifters
  • Stomach control
  • Hidden love handle





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