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Breaking In Your New Waist Trainer

How to Top Tips Waist Trainers

Waist trainers are used in many ways:

  • Some women like to only use them during their workouts
  • Others use with their workout as well as their daily routines
  • Some women find it easier to go to bed with it on
  • Or just keep one handy when they need to smooth down their waistline for a few hours

If you are a serious waist trainer and really want to get the most out of your waist training experience then its best to really think about how you can work with it in your daily routine as it can be restrictive, although it does get easier over time.

When you first get your waist trainer it’s always best to ‘break it in’ and allow it to adjust to the shape of your body – especially if you are using it while working out (NEVER TAKE A BRAND NEW WAIST TRAINER STARIGHT TO THE GYM). Wear it for a couple of hours each day and gradually increase the time you are wearing the waist trainer over the first week. When your body is used to having the compression you can think about introducing a form of exercise with it (please note that the Sh8pewear extreme 25 steel bone range is not suitable for any form for workout).

Here is an example of how to increase your waist training over time so your body can adjust to having work with the compression

  • Day 1: 1hr & 30 mins
  • Day 2: 2hrs & 30 mins over two sessions – give yourself at least 1 hour break
  • Day 3: 3hrs
  • Day 4: 3hrs & 30mins
  • Day 5: 4hrs
  • Day 6: 4hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 7: REST DAY
  • Day 8: 4hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 9: 4hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 10: 4hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 11: 5hrs
  • Day 12: 5hrs
  • Day 13: 5hr
  • Day 14: REST DAY
  • Day 15: 5hrs
  • Day 16: 6hrs
  • Day 17: 6hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 18: 6hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 19: 7hrs
  • Day 20: 7hrs & 30 mins
  • Day 21: 8hrs

If at any stage you feel any kind of pain remove your waist trainer and have a rest listen to your body. For best results always use in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and at least some light exercise.

Remember to always purchase the correct size waist trainer don’t be tempted to go down an extra size as this can do more harm than good – you may just end up giving up as its to uncomfortable. If you are unsure get in touch and one of the team will be happy to assist you.

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