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Waist Cinchers - How To Measure Your Waist Correctly

How to Waist Cinchers Waist Trainers

Before you order your waist cincher you should always measure your waist and go by the guidelines in each description to get the best fit for you. All of our guidelines will be in inches.

To start with you will need to find the smallest part of your waist; this is generally located just above the belly button – it can help too look in a mirror or get a friend to help you out.

Now follow the next steps carefully:

  1. Find your tape measure :)
  2. Wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist – you may find this easier to do while looking in a mirror
  3. Make sure that there are no gaps in between you and the tape measure. You want a true reading of your waistline to get the best fit.
  4. Do not pull too tight as this will make the corset fit too tightly and can be harmful to your health.
Once you have the measurement you will be able to get the right size cincher.

If you need any help you can email us your measurements to and we will be happy to help you

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