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What Is Waist Training?

Waist Training

Waist training has been around since the 1500; women would use laced up corsets too slim down their waist and enhance their curves and bust; they would also use them to flatten their bust depending on the fashion at the time. In more recent time you will have noticed that waist training has become a popular trend and one that appears to be staying. Celebrities such as the Kardashians, Amber Rose, Kim Zolciac (Real Housewives Of Atlanta), Snooki (Jersey Shore) to name a few have all been seen posting selfies on social media sites such as instagram showing off their curves while wearing their trainers.

The good thing ladies is that you can now get your hands on them too and train your waist to the sexy silhouette many of us crave. But what is waist training? In this article I will break down the basics if you have any questions your welcome to get in touch


Waist training is a gradual process that reduces the size of your waist using a waist cincher. The cincher creates a tight compression around the waist which stimulates thermal activity, speeding up perspiration and targets unwanted fat and impurities.
Waist training requires commitment and dedication if you really want to change the shape of your waist; when worn for a minimum of eight hours each day, combined with a heathy diet and exercise regime you really will begin to see results in a few weeks. Everyone is different so don’t worry if your mate is losing inches faster than you; KEEP GOING!

Waist Cinchers are also great for bad posture, if you find you slouch and suffer from back pain the right cincher can really support your back and improve your posture (the more bones the cincher has the greater support you will get from it). Just like a corset waist trainers make you stand tall by supporting the lower back this encourages you to practice good posture.
Having good posture also has an effect on your psychological state – when we stand tall we reflect confidence and happiness in ourselves.

When worn while eating it can help to reduce the amount of food you intake; this is due to the compression not allowing the stomach to fully expand resulting in you feeling fuller sooner. Always remember to drink plenty of water to replace lost fluids while you are training.

Benefits of Waist Training

  • High Compression for instant slimming
  • Increases the loss of toxins
  • Provides back support
  • Improves bad posture
  • Encourages a healthy lifestyle & mindset
  • Can be worn everyday or occasionally
  • Wear discreetly under clothes for instant “cola bottle” curves

Latex Waist Cinchers are also great to wear as a form of shapewear for a night out. They don’t have to be worn everyday they can be used to give you an instantly slimmer look – women all over the world have tried and loved our Sh8pewear Waist Cinchers, Now’s your chance :)                                 

Happy Customer Waist Training

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