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Welcome to Sh8pewear

Waist Cinchers Waist Trainers

Sh8pewear came into being from online marketplaces and selling waist trainers to local people. The overwhelming success with our online stores, excellent feedback and encouragement of our customers motivated us to grow and form a brand to cater to your needs. It has been an exciting journey and we have loved every miniute.

Sh8pewear, as evident from the name, focuses on providing you with an array of high quailty products that range from waist trainers, body shapers to butt lifters all our shapewear will make you feel fabulous and give you the confidence to wear what you please. 

We are a UK shapewear company that strives to make relationships with our customers; making a positive impact in their lives. Sh8pewear is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. We motivate our customers to lose weight and stay in shape.

 If you have yet to unlock the magic of sh8pewear, prepare to have your world transformed - get your shapewear from sh8pewear and create that number 8!


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