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What Is Thermogenesis & Why Is It Good For Shedding The Excess Pounds?

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Thermogenesis is just another long word that really means heat production (thermos is Greek for heat and genesis means creation). One of the easiest ways to activate thermogenesis is to do some form of exercise. For example if you was to start skipping you would soon start to feel your body warming up – this exercise has triggered thermogenesis within your body.



But how does thermogenesis help you lose weight??



Thermogenesis uses up energy that our bodies have stored up (in the form of fat), when our bodies generate heat we burn off more calories – just what you need when you’re trying to shed some excess pounds! As these calories come from stored up energy we want to trigger as much thermogenesis as possible (be careful not to endanger your health in the process).



Thermogenesis is not only activated by exercise there are a few things that you can adjust in your diet that will increase thermogenesis and help you burn off some extra calories. Increasing your protein will show a raise in your thermo activity just don’t overload so you go over your recommend calorie intake for the day. So can drinking cold drink as this lowers the body’s temperature making your body work to bring it back up to your natural body temperature. Saying this though it’s not a good idea to overdose on cold drinks and you have to always consider how they are effecting your calorie intake, it's probably best to stick to water.



A great way to add impact to your workout and get the thermogenesis working with more of an impact is to use a waist trimmer while exercising – one of our customers who has been using this trimmer while working out for the last three months has lost four inches around their waist line and how has the start of a six pack. It just goes to show that if you really want to make a change it can be done with a little willpower and hard work!



Why not give one a try and see the results for yourself let us know how you get on with our waist trimmers sen in your before and after pictures we would love to see your results! 

Sh8pewear Waist Trimmers are available for both men and women



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