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Top Tips For Waist Training

Top Tips Waist Trainers Weight loss

To get the best from your waist training journey here’s a few tips from Sh8pewear for you!

1. Wearing the wrong size - Firstly many women order waist cinchers a size smaller than what is recommended as they think this will give them a smoother smaller silhouette. This is not the case at all, wearing shapewear that is over stretched can course the reverse effect – bulges will show in more places than without the garment. Wearing shapewear that is too small can be extremely uncomfortable as they are designed with high compression. Wearing shapewear that is too small for long periods of time can begin to course health problems.

2. Don’t expect to see results straight away - have patience some will lose inches faster than others, that’s OK everyone is different. A good way to keep track of your journey is to start with a before picture and write down your current waist measurements and weight; do this once a week and you will begin to see all your hard work pay off (measure in the same place each time so you get a clear picture, just above the belly button is a good place).

3. Think about what you are eating – Some think that they can wear a waist cincher and this will do all the work for them; when in reality you have to change your lifestyle to change the shape of your waist long term. You don’t have to make massive changes to see big improvements, eat fresh foods, drink plenty of water, cut down on fats and sugars.

Take it slow and steady you don’t need to cut out everything you love, just limit it to once a week. Find alternative things to snack on like dried unsweetened fruit when you have a sugar craving. Look out for upcoming blog posts on ideas to help :)

4. Exercise – Waist training works best when you workout alongside wearing your waist trainer. Don’t get scared ladies this can be simple exercises it doesn’t need to be intense – target the waist area and bum if you want a nice pert bum to go with your new shapely waist. Build up on the intensity of your routine as you get used to it. Choose a fitness activity that you will find fun have a laugh with your mates while you’re at it – then it won’t seem like hard work.

Waist cinchers can worn as a quick fix to give you the freedom and confidence to wear an outfit that you feel you need to hind your love handles; but if you seriously want to change the shape of your waist long term then exercise is a must!

5. Hygiene – Wearing your waist trainer will make you sweat more than usual, this sweat will be absorbed by the waist cincher when worn directly on the skin. Make sure you wash your corset regularly, this is best done by hand and left to air dry away from direct heat.
While you’re waiting for one to dry use this day to have a break from waist training or if you are seriously dedicated we recommend you invest in a couple. Try out different styles!

6. Caring for your waist trainer – never put your cincher in the washing machine this will destroy it completely. Hand wash it in warm water – never use hot water with a small amount of detergent, rinse well so it doesn’t irritate your skin. Air dry never put on or near a heater, the heat can course the latex to shrink. Caring for the corset properly will prolong its life.

7. Skin Irritation – If you find that the tightness of the cincher is rubbing in places it can become sore. You can stop this by wearing a vest top under the cincher.

8. Serious waist trainers – invest in a couple of corsets so you can alternate between them. This will give you a chance to wash them and let them dry completely before its next use. Try out different styles and see what best suits you and your lifestyle.

9. Have a day off – Take a day to rest from wearing the cincher they are designed with such compressions that you should take a day off

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