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Sh8pewear 4 Row Waist Cincher

Slimming Waist Cinchers Waist Trainers

Sh8pewear 4 Row Waist Cincher is one of our newest waist trainers in our collection; designed with an extra row of hooks than all of our waist trainers.

What’s the benefit of having an extra row? Having an extra row of hook and eye closure gives you that snug fit for longer. When you first get your cincher start on the first row (this is the cincher at its biggest) as your waistline begins to get smaller you will gradually move along the rows until you get to the final one.

This waist cincher features nine steel flexi bones that will support and enhance your natural curves.

Available in sizes Small – 6XL

Sh8pewear 4 Row Waist Cincher

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