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Lets Shed Our Lockdown Weight

Top Tips Weight loss

During lockdown most of our daily routine have gone out the window, spending our time locked up indoor we have indulged ourselves with baked goodies, extra alcohol. All the extra calories and not moving about as much has resulted in us gaining extra weight. Now with lockdown easing up, gyms are opening back up we can start to think about how we will lose the additional pounds. Sh8pewear has come up with six simple steps to get you going! 1. Ditch the sugar and fried foods - its was nice while it lasted :) but nows the time to get...

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Breaking In Your New Waist Trainer

How to Top Tips Waist Trainers

Top tips on what to do when you first get your waist trainer

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Benefits Of Waist Training

How to Slimming Top Tips

Shapewear gives women (and men) the boost they need when they are lacking confidence. Wearing a compression garment that instantly slims your silhouette will naturally make you feel more confident and boost your self-esteem. Wearing a waist trainer can help you control what food you are eating. Having the compression around your midsection while eating your meals will make you feel fuller sooner, as your stomach will not be able to expand as it would do normally. Some women also find that seeing what they look like with the waist trainer on inspires and motivates them to make the change...

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Foods To Avoid - Weight Loss

Slimming Top Tips Weight loss

Changing your diet and trying to lose weight can be difficult especially when you take drastic actions! Giving up everything you love to eat can trigger uncontrollable urges and you end up binging – this in turn leads to gaining weight and all your effort eventually goes to waste! you go back all your bad habits until you eventually start the cycle again. Instead of completely cutting these foods out of your diet cut back on them, remember a little of what you fancy won’t do you any harm! Retrain your brain “Everything in moderation is acceptable!” Forget the word...

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Sh8pewear Hip Booster Shorts

We’ve all heard of padded underwear from bras to padded butt knickers, these garments are designed to give you the fuller curvier look that so many of us desire, fuller boobs, bigger bums and now days we would like bigger hips giving us the ultimate hourglass figure. Enhancement clothing is a way to naturally boost areas of your body without going for harmful options such as implants and injections that can have serious health risks and be extremely expensive. Using a garment that instantly enhancers your body and gives you the confidence you need have been used for years, bras...

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